Fresh Air ’15



This year, Melbourne-based games company Pop Up Playground are crowdfunding their outdoor street games festival, Fresh Air ’15, scheduled for March 2015 at Federation Square, Melbourne. This will be the third outdoor festival organised by Pop Up Playground after successful festivals in 2013 and 2014, in tandem with their indoor gaming festival This Is A Door. This year, they headlined Fresh Air ’14 with the international mystical adventure Spirits Walk (designed by Serious Business), and collaborated with Bell Shakespeare in October on True Romans All, a game of political machination based on Julius Caesar.

imageSpirits Walk image by Sarah Walker.


These folks design and run clever, fun, and unusual public games, and in 2015 they will once again be bringing international games to Melbourne as well as running their own. Public games tend to stand somewhere between the improvised bonhomie of a flashmob and the careful design of live action role play, and, like many public art interventions, need a lot of groundswell in order to gather momentum and popularity. In order to run Fresh Air ’15, Pop Up Playground need as much support as possible in order to ensure the public want to play the games and to pay the organisers, designers, and actors fairly. Click through to their Pozible campaign to contribute and to obtain some kickass rewards, including opportunities to learn and design games with members of the Pop Up Playground team.

Fresh Air ’15 will combine newly-designed games from local and international games designers with established games, including The Soho Stag Hunt (designed by Minkette, Alex Fleetwood, Holly Gramazio, and Tassos Stevens) and Little Monsters’ Big Day Out (designed by Sarayphim Lothian and Grant Howitt). It will be a spectacular three days of immersive public gameplay, collaboration, imagination, and intrigue, and deserves your support.

imageThe Soho Stag Hunt image by Frank Boyd.

imageLittle Monsters’ Big Day Out image by Pop Up Playground.


* DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with Pop Up in any way, I just want them to keep doing the wonderful things they do.


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