Not-Safe-For-Work In Progress

I have been absent from the blog for a good long while: life gets the better of us, sometimes, and I’ve had six months of settling into a new city, new house, new spaces and places and surroundings and people, and it can be difficult to know where excitement ends and anxiety begins.

This is something different for me, and I’ll add all the necessary warnings.

  • Nudity. (Censored-nudity, really.)
  • Yes, my nudity.
  • And a draft of something that is barely begun, a stopping-starting sound recording of my thoughts for a poem that may never exist in any other, more finished form.

If any of those things seem likely to offend you, I encourage you to click away now. Here’s a very good post by the inimitable Katie West about being naked, being professional, and how the two things aren’t mutually exclusive. I also recommend sticking around, I’m planning on getting back into the blogging weekly, at least, from now on, and there probably won’t be any more artful nudes. (If you’re here for the artful nudes, I’m very sorry, this is not the place for you.) (Also, if you aren’t offended by nudes, here’s ANOTHER post from Katie West about her naked body.)

Photo of naked fair-skinned girl, head down, eyes averted, with weeds clutched in one hand and her other palm open, standing in front of a paling fence, with butterflies and moths photoshopped over her breasts and pubic mound.



[Take a day off

during the week.

Run a bath.


Sink into the bath like a stone.

Drink a glass of wine.


You are fine.

Wrap towel around yourself

and walk


into the yard.


Dig up weeds you thought

you’d conquered or deceived.

Dig nails deep into dirt.


Forget how to hurt.


When was the last time

you planted toenail polish

chipped into the ground?

When was the last time

you sat

bare on the grass?


Ground yourself.


Forget to remember

you are alone

hope the neighbours

aren’t home.

Wrap yourself

in the sky

until you are dry

and caked brown.


Ground yourself.

The bath will still be there

a little cooler

but still warm.

The mud will wash off.

Listen to

the world.


Hear the ground.

Hear all the people


Hear the roots.

Hear the earth.

Hear the dirt.]


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