Fri-Yay: Weekly Roundup

Writing: mostly detailed-to-the-point-of-passive-aggression instructions for my workmates.

Reading: smashing through Written In Red, the first book in Anne Bishop’s latest urban fantasy series. I have such a weak spot for Anne Bishop so I’m rereading WIR so I can move onto the sequels.

Watching: that one in Star Trek: Voyager where Harry Kim returns to his non-Starfleet life and is unbearably insipid; that one in Star Trek: TNG where Wesley receives a death sentence on the creepy Eden planet where everyone’s blonde and tanned and loves sex and jogging.

Doing: went on one long multi-lap walk around the dog park with a local friend, saw innumerable Good Dogs; got my tax return and immediately put it into my savings account for this month’s rent; bought a new jumper and some eyeliner because I have self-control issues regarding a) not buying things that I decide I want and b) not eating all of the biscuits in any given packet of biscuits; I also ate an entire packet of biscuits in one go (Coles brand ginger creams, RRP. $1 a packet).


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