Fri-Yay: Weekly Roundup

Writing: plans of my Space Witches story (character summaries, chapter outlines) rather than my actual Space Witches story.

Reading: finished Anne Bishop’s Written In Red, started the next book in the series (Murder Of Crows) and realised that there are another two after that and counting…

Watching: finished season 3 of Star Trek: Voyager, started season 4 of Star Trek: Voyager.

Doing: thinking a lot about how much of what I love about Voyager is the dynamic of found families, how what I love about Anne Bishop’s books is the dynamic of found families, and how what I want to make central in Space Witches is… the dynamic of found families. This idea of finding similarities with others, of treating strangers with respect rather than mistrust, of relying on one another: Simon learning to trust Meg in Written In Red, judging her by her actions and not her past, seeing past his mistrust to realise how much she’s helped his traumatised nephew. The reciprocation of care and compassion: flash forward to Voyager’s future, a scarred Janeway saying a final goodbye to a blinded Tuvok, taking his face in her hands and then crushing him into a hug, Tuvok being led away by Seven of Nine, who has become his assistant. That sense of being alone, being in an unfamiliar world, and finding these people to become your closest and most trusted companions, when the necessity of their company becomes a choice, a choice to build these bonds and protect them and work towards a shared future.


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