Fri-Yay (On Sunday): Monthly Roundup

Notes for a book review on three NZ poets, tweets about Star Trek, overly detailed notes to my co-workers, more draft rosters than you can poke a managerial stick at.


[screencap of text] Each time the water closed over at once like a wound’s uncanny healing. On land there would have been ropes at least, a gradual lowering, the throwing of earth. A stone to mark the spot.

–from ‘Ann’, by Maria McMillan.

As above: Girls of the Drift by Nina Powles, Miss Dust by Johanna Aitchison, and The Rope Walk by Maria McMillan. All available from the spectacular and swoonworthy Seraph Press.


Late to the game but I watched both seasons of The Fall. I am in bisexual Gillian Anderson heaven, obviously, but I’m also in Archie Panjabi heaven. Did you know she is amazing? Has a bunch of Emmy awards? Was also in The Constant Gardener which I also watched this month and totally nailed it opposite Ralph Fiennes a.k.a. the most famous evil wizard in film history? My dear sweet darling Archie!


British actress Archie Panjabi kisses her Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series award for her role in 'The Good Wife' as she poses for photographers in the press room during the 62nd annual Primetime Emmy Awards held at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California, USA, 29 August 2010. The Primetime Emmy Awards honor excellence in US primetime television programming.  EPA/PAUL BUCK

[screepcap of text] "Everybody was saying it was a surprise, so I knew I wasn't the favourite to win," she says with a laugh, describing her first time at the Emmy awards, back in 2010. "But I was like, I don't care. I've just been nominated for an Emmy – I don't care about winning. I've already won!" She went with her husband, Raj (who has also accompanied her here for this interview) today, and "it was like going to Disneyworld for the first time". She pauses. "And then it all went downhill. I was on the red carpet and you have to queue up, and get on one of the dots so they can take a photo. They're screaming for the woman in front of me, and then it's my turn." She's settled into the story now, using her hands. "So I come up to this dot, and every single photographer in the line puts their camera down." Panjabi hoots. "So I was all dressed up on my biggest night ever and that moment happened. I wanted the floor to open up. Literally, they just …" she mimes a photographer lowering a camera, looking bored. "That woke me up." Panjabi went on to win the Emmy for best supporting actress that night, beating Mad Men's Christina Hendricks and Elisabeth Moss, as well as her co-star in The Good Wife, Christine Baranski. She was also one of only two Brits to win an award that night. "And then I went to take the pictures at the end, and I'm kissing the award, quietly thinking: 'Yeah, fuck you.'"

(from The Guardian, January 20th 2014. Click through for article.)

Also there’s Jamie Dornan, who is probably a lovely lad in real life but whom I now will never ever trust in the slightest but definitely does an excellent job.

Made a Twitter account for my zine-making adventures; took up a four-day-a-week contract managing my store for five months; bought a new computer with a new credit card that I’m now not allowed to use any more; maintained my apparent pathological inability to follow a rudimentary blogging routine (see: writing my ‘usual’ weekly Friday post on a Sunday after four weeks of silence).